Your Donation Makes Help Us

Election campaigns are run solely on donations and your donation will help us to achieve a number of projects such as T-shirts for volunteers; Lawn sign purchases, printing of brochures; refreshments for the volunteers.

Thank you in advance for your contribution. You have no idea how much it means to me and my team to have your support.

Here are the ways you can make a donation: –

  • Submitting via the form.
  • Issuing cash
  • Issuing a cheque to – Janice Gordon-Daniels City Council
  • Interac e-transfer – Janice Gordon-Daniels City Council

Let’s vote for a better tomorrow

A receipt is provided via email after the transaction is completed.

Contribution Rules

Please review these political contribution regulations for Ontario municipal campaigns:

  • Contributions to a candidate may only be made by individuals who are normally resident in Ontario.

  • Contributions must be made from the contributor’s own funds.

  • An individual may contribute a maximum of $1,200 to a candidate. The maximum total amount that a contributor can give to candidates in the same jurisdiction (i.e. running for the same council or the same school board) is $5,000.

  • Corporations and trade unions are not permitted to make contributions.

  • Groups such as clubs, associations or ratepayer’s groups not permitted to make contributions as a group, though members of these groups may make individual contributions from their personal funds as long as they are residents of Ontario.